RV Detailing Service

Petty’s RV Detailing Service is rated #1 in the Houston area.

Here at Petty’s we take pride in our expert and meticulous RV detailing service.

What makes our service top rated is that we will hand wash and wax your RV, travel trailer or motor home to protect your investment for years to come. The complete process by our experienced staff, is to make sure your vehicle is left in a beautiful state, which you will be proud of.

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Custom Detailing for RV’s

We have found that only hand washing, waxing and buffing of your vehicle will not be the quickest or cheapest way to have your RV detailed, but it is the best! By hand detailing your vehicle every section of can be precisely located and cleaned properly. By using only Meguiars premium wax products applied and buffed by hand, can you be guaranteed that your shine will protect and shine your vehicle properly.

Premium RV detailing services is at follows:

  • Washing the exterior by hand to avoid any damage to your vehicle.
  • Applying only premium Meguiar’s waxing compound by hand and buffing to a sparking shine by hand only.
  • Cleaning chrome wheels to a polished shine.
  • Removing black streaks and tar matter with safe cleaning compounds.
  • Interior maid service, which includes one of our staff dusting, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning the entire vehicle.
  • During our service we will check for any possible leak areas on the roof seals and components, which we can provide premium leak protection at an additional price.
meguiars wax

We only use high quality Meguiars wax products for all our clients.

When you want to have premium RV detailing service on your vehicle you can trust the experts at Petty’s to clean the exterior and interior to perfection. We have been in business since the 1980’s and have perfected the art of detailing RV’s, Motor Homes and Travel Trailers to an art! You can count of us! Call 713-295-9987 for your appointment.

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