RV Roof Leak Protection

RV roof leak protection and maintenance is an important step in extending the life of your investment.

RV roofs will eventually leak and need protection because they are usually built with caulking  around the seams and components.

Here at Petty's, we will make sure that your roof is in good maintenance every time we detail your RV or trailer. We inspect your roof and will advise you of potential problems you may have or will eventually have on your vehicle. Most roofs are caulked around any openings or seals and they will eventually erode and cause water damage to the insulation and interior. Many times the damage is not found until there is a big problem, even before you can see any leak spots. This damage can eventually lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Amazing RV roof leakage services providing 6 and 10 year warranty against leaks

Here at Petty's we have a process called RV Roof Leak protection which will seal these potential problems before they arise. During this process we will inspect every seam and properly seal your roof components, seams and openings to avoid any possible water damage. Our Roofing protection process comes with a 6 or 10 year warranty against leaks and you can rest assured we will be around to provide any service you may need. We are bonded and insured for your security.

Depending on which package you purchase, our technicians are expertly trained in the RV roof leak protection and you can be assured your roof will last for years to come. Our affordable pricing packages are available for brand new or used RV's, motor homes or travel trailers. Estimates for our professional RV roof sealant and leak protection are always free and we will come to you within the Houston metropolitan area.

Call 713-295-9987 today! Have your vehicle inspected before any problems arise on your investment.

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